A Change In The Weather

by The Sweet Apes

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released August 12, 2014

Engineered & Produced by Lachlan Mitchell @ Jungle Studios
Mixed by Lachlan Mitchell @ Studios 301
Mastered by Steve Nagasaki @ Nagasaki Sound



all rights reserved


The Sweet Apes Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Kid Myself
I can feel you rushing smoke through my body, my lungs, but I don't care what they say. I no more look to the heavens for answers. I kid myself for the last time.
What a sickening sight! I don't want to be inside a world lacking insight, so I won't. Is there anyone out there? All this smoke fills my body, my lungs!
I kid myself for the last time, I won't kid myself.

Smoke runs into my body, my lungs.
Track Name: Flight
I'm losing all my hope

Lights fall down.I see it in the wind, I see it in my heart .
And I don't know what I am looking for but I will never know until I move forward to beauty trapped in tragedy .

Here's to the day we met. I fucked up with no regret

I'm losing my hope

I'll start at the bottom but I'll learn to pick me up
When I see it coming Ill learn to keep my wounds unopened with every word that's spoken

The sight of my happiness is a state of mind so clear and golden.
Where does my future go? I never want to know.
Track Name: When You're Gone
An old man passed me walking down the tracks. I could have seen his past, he had no brightness to his eyes and it scared me for life.
A common sorrow is always shown to me and it never goes away.
The things i've seen and heard from my mother:

This is something that sticks to me everyday, I've never felt such helplessness. I walk in to see that she is crying.

"I'm fine my dear, I am not lying"

But I can see internally that her gentle soul is always weeping. I hope to God that she is sleeping. Oh I try, I try to help her but I know that everything I do is temporary. I had nothing that I could have said so I nod.

When you're gone, I won't have any way to bring you back. It doesn't get any easier. I can't take it back. When you're not there, how on earth will I be stable? I can't take it, what would I do?

When your heartbeat goes silent, I will think of the way I saw you.
Track Name: Nobody Knows
A waterfalling apathy that leads you to the sea... it drowns your body. But you can see the waves that carry me and make me free and then you tell me to stay out of the water. Don't ever tell me to stay out of the water.
That's how you waste time, don't know where it goes. Searching, your conscience turns into insanity that continues to grow. You're asking, but nobody knows!

The wind is not my enemy. It sails me to where I want to be. I'll sail across the seven seas, running away is not for me. Don't take me out of the water! You can't chase my back and drag me out of the water.

Wasting time, don't know where it goes.
Losing your conscience, you keep asking questions but nobody knows.

One step to succeeding: don't live a life that keeps repeating.